Physician News: Ovarian Cancer Treatment at John Muir Health - High Volume Puts Program in Top 5.5 Percent of Cancer Centers

John Muir Health’s Gynecologic Oncology program has developed a standout reputation as a high volume comprehensive center for ovarian cancer treatment.

The case volume ranks the health system within the top 5.5 percent of cancer centers across the country, including academic centers, for the treatment of ovarian cancer. John Muir Health is also a referral center for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with a suspected or known cancer of the female genital tract.

Here’s how John Muir Health measures up on the treatment of ovarian cancer:

• For 5 years, John Muir Health’s average case volume has been 42 patients annually

• Only 5.5 percent of cancer centers treat more than 28 cases annually

• 9.8 percent of cancer centers treat between 17-28 cases annually

• 19 percent of cancer centers treat between 8-16 cases annually

• 65 percent of ovarian cancer patients receive their treatment in a very low-volume center that treats less than 8 cases annually